Broadcast Health Series Highlights the Work of RWJF and Its Grantees to Improve Health and Health Care

In February 2003, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) started this broadcast outreach project to augment communications in its strategic areas and its overall communications strategy. The work has continued since that time.

RWJF manages the project. It contracts with Burness Communications and Home Front Communications (working under a subcontract) to produce and distribute broadcast material to television and radio news stations highlighting the work of RWJF program teams and grantees. The material includes interviews with experts and highlights potential solutions and ideas for improving health and health care.

The broadcast material is made available to local television and radio stations nationwide for use in their newscasts. The topics focus on pressing health and health care issues facing America and highlight innovative solutions—from community leaders and individuals, health care providers and partnerships in business, government, education and social services.

Key Results

  • From 2003 through mid-September 2007, Burness and Home Front:

    • Produced and distributed 86 broadcast material packets to television stations and/or radio stations highlighting health and health care issues important to RWJF and featuring RWJF grantees and their work.
    • The resulting television and radio news stories produced by the media reached more than 684-million viewers.
    • In the first 9.5 months of 2007, the health series content reached more than 168-million 140-million viewers/listeners, nearly 28 million more than in all of 2006.
    • Much of the content was utilized by stations in the top 20 or 50 markets. For example, in 2006:
      • 20 percent aired in the top 20 national media markets.
      • 42 percent aired in the top 50 markets.
    • The live radio interviews scheduled reached more than 29.3-million listeners in 2005 and 2006.
    • In the first 9.5 months of 2007, distributed material was used on Spanish-language broadcasts resulting in 608 separate broadcasts to a total audience of more than 8.4-million viewers.