"ReServe" Program Connects Retirees to Nonprofit Agencies for Stipend-Paying Jobs in New York City

Staff at ReServe: Next Steps for Older Adults, an organization that connects experienced older adults with stipend-paying jobs that challenge them to use their lifetime skills for the public good, recruited, placed and trained skilled older adults in stipend-paying jobs at nonprofit agencies in New York City from 2006 to 2007.

The project reported here supported ReServe's goal to create a replicable program model offering adults the satisfaction of using their career skills after retirement and enabling agencies to undertake projects too costly at market rates.

Key Results

  • Inquiries about ReServe's program: 1,265

  • Applications for job placements: 567

  • Interviews with candidates: 445

  • Skilled workers qualified for placement: 397

  • ReServists placed at a host agency: 139