Virginia and Pennsylvania Small Business Owners Learn of Health Insurance Options Through Seminars and Guides

    • September 28, 2007

The Healthcare Leadership Council, along with Jason Lee, PhD, from Health Policy Consulting, studied the impact of educating small business owners in Virginia and Pennsylvania about health insurance. Lee conducted the first part of the study in Virginia. Project staff from the Healthcare Leadership Council conducted the second part of the study in Pennsylvania.

Key Results

  • The grantee produced three guides to health insurance options for small businesses with location-specific information or inserts.

  • Briefings were held for members of Congress from Virginia and for others on Capitol Hill in Washington.

Key Findings

  • Small business owners who attended an educational seminar and received a guide to health insurance options knew more about and were more aware of health insurance than were those who did not attend the seminar or did not receive the guide.

  • The type of education matters. The educational seminars with the guides were more effective than the guides alone.