Researcher Physicians Modify Health Insurance "Game" to Let Uninsured Workers in Pueblo, Colo., Select Benefits in an Affordable Plan

Mark Earnest, PhD, MD, of the University of Colorado Medical School and a team of Pueblo, Colo., physicians created a modified version of CHAT (Choosing Healthplans All Together), a health insurance simulation in which consumers participate in the creation of an imaginary insurance plan with a fixed budget and a limited menu of options.

The modified version of CHAT supports a larger initiative, sponsored by the Dr. A.J. Kauvar Foundation and other health care stakeholders in Colorado, to create an affordable, basic health coverage plan for low-income, uninsured workers in Pueblo, Colo.

Key Results

  • The researchers created the "CHAT High-Value Game Board for Pueblo." Modeled on the original pie-shaped CHAT game board, it is divided into 10 benefit areas.

  • Small groups of low-income, uninsured workers use the game board to design a basic benefit package with a value of about $150 per month, compared to about $350 in traditional CHAT.