Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Drafts Guidelines for Schools to Promote Healthy Eating and Physical Activity

Creating a community preventive services guide to promising school-based interventions to prevent childhood obesity

Researchers at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Division of Adolescent and School Health conducted a review of the scientific literature and produced evidence-based guidelines for school health programs to promote healthy eating and physical activity to prevent obesity among children.

Key Results

  • The researchers completed a draft document in June 2006 entitled School Health Guidelines to Promote Lifelong Healthy Eating and Physical Activity Among Young People. The guidelines:

    • Describe the most recent research findings on the relationships between nutrition, physical activity, obesity, health and disease.
    • Summarize current trends in eating habits, physical activity participation and obesity prevalence among children and adolescents.
    • Provide a rationale for school-based nutrition and physical activity programs.
    • Provide examples of effective interventions.
  • A 12-person panel composed of experts in the fields of childhood nutrition, physical activity and obesity prevention met in July 2006 to review the draft document and suggest changes.