RWJF Grant Helps Build Research and Analytic Capacity Needed by Congress

    • May 16, 2007

From 1998 to 2005, the Congressional Research Service strengthened its capacity to analyze major demographic, economic and social changes on health care issues pertaining to the elderly, children and the uninsured.

The Congressional Research Service assists the United States Congress with its deliberations and legislative decisions by providing Congress with confidential, objective and nonpartisan policy analysis in support of all aspects of its legislative work, during all phases of the legislative process.

RWJF had made a grant to the service for similar work in 1993 (grant ID# 020937). By strengthening the Congressional Research Service's capacity in these areas, RWJF helped contribute to an informed legislature.

Key Results

  • This grant from RWJF supported:

    • The creation of new databases and models for research and analysis.
    • Seminars and workshops for members of Congress and congressional staff.
    • Training, conferences and consultations with experts for Congressional Research Service staff.
  • The grant also increased the service's ability to track how existing federal health and medical care programs are working and if the legislative intent is being met, an aspect of congressional oversight that has become increasingly difficult with the devolution of federal responsibilities to the states.