Content Validity of the Pain and Quality Nursing Care Survey

To measure the quality of oncology nursing care, a high priority for members of the Oncology Nursing Society, researchers rely on patient-satisfaction measures that tend to be framed in terms of overall satisfaction during an entire hospital stay. The Pain and Nursing Care Quality (PaNCQ) Survey, however, seeks to develop a simple measure of the quality of nursing care related to pain management at the end of a nursing care shift in the acute care setting.

To validate the content of the PaNCQ, researchers interviewed 34 patients regarding the pain management quality of care to identify concepts they deemed important to measure, such as being treated right, safety net, efficacy of pain management and partnership with the interdisciplinary team. Members of the research team rated the relevance of each item. Pain management and nursing care quality experts then reviewed the items, altering the wording and adding or deleting items. The resulting 75 items of PaNCQ will be systematically tested using cognitive interviewing techniques and then in a large, multi-site sample.