Online Database Lists Self-Care Technology Resources for Patients with Heart Failure or Dementia

Researchers at the University of Rochester Center for Future Health conducted an environmental scan of self-care technologies for people with heart failure or early-stage dementia. Project staff used the results of the environmental scan to construct a searchable online database of self-care technologies for the two conditions.

Key Results

  • The environmental scan identified 254 existing self-care technologies for heart failure and early dementia as well as self-care technologies that are still needed. The scan organized self-care technologies into five categories (primary user, functions, purpose for the user, consumer interest and technology status) with multiple dimensions for each category.

  • Researchers constructed the Self-Care Technology Information Center as an online searchable database of self-care technologies related to heart failure and dementia, designed for medical providers, medical and technology researchers, product developers, philanthropic organizations and government funding agencies.