As Part of RWJF's Communities in Charge Program, California HMO Establishes New Health Insurance Programs for Low-Income Residents

In 2000–01, the Alameda Alliance for Health, a not-for-profit health maintenance organization serving the people of Alameda County, established two new health insurance programs:

  • Family Care, a program for low-income families living in Alameda County (which includes Oakland, California).
  • Group Care, a program for home health aides who live in the county.

In 2003, the Alameda Health Consortium an association of nonprofit community health centers, created a program for frequent users of health care to help them secure disability insurance, stable housing and appropriate health care services.

The project was part of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation's (RWJF) national program Communities in Charge: Financing and Delivering Health Care to the Uninsured.

Key Results

  • The alliance:

    • Created two new health care coverage programs that served 9,400 county residents.
    • Completed a survey of uninsured residents of Alameda County.
    • Completed evaluations of the new health plans for low-income residents and home health aides.
    • Developed a "universal coverage proposal" to cover other groups in the county.