Two Policy Briefs Outline Nursing Shortage Issues

    • March 31, 2007

From 2003 to 2006, staff at Spann Communications, a Pittsburgh communications consulting firm, developed and distributed two eight-page policy briefs as part of a series entitled Charting Nursing's Future. The briefs are designed to educate state policy leaders and others about the full extent of the nursing shortage and its underlying causes.

Key Results

  • The two policy briefings include:

    • Charting Nursing's Future, January 2005. Article titles include:
      • Addressing the Nursing Shortage: Partnerships among Governments, Schools, and Employers Are Getting Results
      • Shortages and Partnerships at the State Level
      • Partnerships to Expand Educational Capacity
      • Partnerships to Recruit, Retain, and Graduate More Nursing Students
      • Partnerships to Transform the Nursing Work Environment
      • Toward an Agenda for Change
    • Charting Nursing's Future, February 2006. Article titles include:
      • Addressing the Nursing Shortage: State Nursing Workforce Centers Collect and Assess Data Needed for Policy Change
      • Nursing Workforce Centers: Studying Supply and Demand at the State Level
      • Counting Nurses at the Federal Level: NURSYS and the National Sample Survey
      • Five State Nursing Workforce Centers with Progressive Data Initiatives (North Carolina, Iowa, Oregon, Mississippi, New Jersey)
      • A Federal Role in Establishing Data Infrastructure

    Project staff mailed approximately 7,000 copies of each brief to hospital executives, members of Congress, state legislators involved in nursing policy, state governors, and nursing and nursing education leaders.