Three Segments of "To the Contrary" Focusing on Preventing Teen Substance Abuse Air on PBS Stations Nationwide

    • March 27, 2007

Persephone Productions produced three segments of the television program To the Contrary focusing on the prevention and treatment of teen substance abuse.

To the Contrary is a weekly public affairs and news analysis program that appears on the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS).

Key Results

  • The three programs featured one-on-one interviews with experts on teen substance abuse, followed by a panel discussion. The featured experts included:

    • James Prochaska, PhD, director of the Cancer Prevention Research Center at the University of Rhode Island. Prochaska addressed the high rates of alcohol and drug abuse and dependence among teens and how they recover from substance abuse.
    • Satya Krishnan, PhD, Associate Professor, Department of Health Sciences at New Mexico State University in Las Cruces. Krishnan discussed innovative treatments for substance abusing teens.
    • Sandra Headen, PhD, a consultant on tobacco abuse prevention in North Carolina. Headen discussed how the principles of Kwanzaa might help reduce smoking among African-American teens.