Redesigned Fellowship Program Helps Health Care Professionals Collaborate on Community Health Issues

Staff of the Health Research and Educational Trust (HRET), an independent affiliate of the American Hospital Association, worked with a national advisory group to redesign its Creating Healthier Communities (CHC) Fellowship Program.

This leadership-training program for health professionals in community health ran for 12 years, starting in 1990. It aimed to enhance the collaboration and leadership skills of the fellows and their ability to design and implement projects to improve community health.

Key Results

  • The new program will focus on creating and sustaining innovation in organizations and communities.

  • Participants in the new program will work collectively on a project related to innovation. The goal is to have each cohort function as a learning community. Members of learning communities learn together—sharing ideas and finding solutions as a group.

As of December 2006, HRET staff continued to develop the new program. The program was scheduled to launch in 2007.