Project Keys Academic Health Center CEOs to Increase Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Activity

Between 2000 and 2004, project staff at the Association of Academic Health Centers, Washington, worked to increase health promotion and disease prevention activity among academic health centers, particularly by helping chief executive officers of academic health centers take a leadership role in this area.

Key Results

Project staff accomplished the following:

  • Increased the number of Association of Academic Health Centers member institutions participating in the American Network of Health Promoting Universities from 45 to 72.

  • Published a quarterly newsletter during each year of the project. Project staff published Health Searchlight, a newsletter dedicated to educating health leaders about programs and activities in the field of health promotion and disease prevention within the academic setting.

  • Produced a report based on consensus meetings of stakeholders to address local health issues, entitled Academic Health Centers Provide Leadership in Community Stakeholder Initiatives.

  • Produced two additional reports—Academic Health Centers Recognize Childhood Physical Activity Critical to Healthy Living and Academic Health Centers Take Leading Role to Advance Interdisciplinary Education and Practice in Prevention.

  • Dedicated the 2002 Association of Academic Health Centers annual meeting solely to the topic of health promotion and disease prevention, and published a book based on the discussion.