Study Supports Mentoring, Career Planning for Chief Nursing Officers

Studying retention and turnover of chief nursing officers

The Health Research Educational Trust (HRET), through the American Organization of Nurse Executives' Patient Research and Education Institute (AONE Institute), conducted a study to explore hospital Chief Nursing Officer (CNO) turnover and its impact on the nursing workforce and the quality of hospital care.

Key Findings

  • About 39 percent of CNOs had left a CNO position (77% voluntarily and 23% involuntarily).

    • Voluntary reasons for leaving were: another CNO position, career advancement or development, conflicts with the CEO, job dissatisfaction or family/personal reasons.
    • Involuntary reasons for leaving included being asked to resign or terminated; mergers, downsizing or restructuring; and family/personal reasons.
  • About 62 percent of CNOs expect to change jobs within five years.