Website Provides Clearinghouse for Health Care System Data

Expansion of an electronic health information resource center and national registry of state data sources

From 1996 to 2000, the National Association of Health Data Organizations, collaborating with the Center for Health Research and Communications, started a clearinghouse of information about health care systems, which is provided through its website. It also expanded the website and enhanced the products offered to users of the site.

Key Results

  • The website became operational and was tested in the summer of 1996, and by the end of the grant period offered services such as:

    • Health data project sites linking local, state, national and Internet resources.
    • Project abstracts, with access to health information projects, databases and resources.
    • Policy forums, with bulletin boards for discussion on health information policy issues.
    • On-line conferences, offering real-time conferences conducted by experts.
  • Project staff established a resource center Technical Advisory Panel, with experts representing legal, Internet, communications and health information interests.