Alabama School Expands Student Dental Services as Part of National Caring for Kids Program

The school-based HEALS dental clinic in Huntsville, Ala., expanded dental services to five days a week (except when schools were closed). It was a site in a grant program run by the Center for Health and Health Care in Schools called Caring for Kids: Expanding Dental and Mental Health Services through School-Based Health Centers.

The project was part of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation's (RWJF) national program, The Center for Health and Health Care in Schools.

Key Results

  • Students at Lincoln, Terry Heights and West Huntsville elementary schools (and siblings under 18) made 4,300 dental visits and received 8,675 diagnostic, preventive and restorative dental services.

  • Local dentists volunteered more than 5,000 hours to the HEALS dental clinic.

"I've learned it's important to keep my teeth brushed and to have an exam every six months," said Dannie Jo.