Creating Knowledge Base for Social Factors Affecting Health in Health Services Research

Supplement on the social determinants of health for the Health Services Research Journal

In December 2003, the journal Health Services Research published a supplemental issue designed to educate researchers on a range of social and other non-medical factors that influence health, including social and economic status, ethnicity and race.

The journal is published by the Health Research and Educational Trust, a non-profit research and education organization affiliated with the American Hospital Association. Health Services Research is also an official journal of AcademyHealth, a professional organization of researchers in the health services field.

Key Results

The 297-page Supplement is designed to educate researchers from a variety of fields on how non-medical factors, such as socioeconomic status, race and ethnicity affect health.

Among the topics addressed in the supplement were:

  • Socioeconomic status and low birth weight.
  • Social determinants of tooth loss.
  • Income inequality and depression.
  • Racial differences in aftercare following colorectal cancer surgery.