Covering America Project Develops Proposals to Increase Health Insurance, But Finds Federal Money Tight

Between 2000 and 2003, the Economic and Social Research Institute worked with expert health analysts and researchers, the Lewin Group, GYMR Public Relations and others to develop and disseminate proposals to increase health insurance coverage for Americans.

Key Results

  • The project produced 17 health insurance reform proposals, with cost and coverage estimates for 10 proposals:

    Some proposals build upon the existing system, while others discard major parts of it; still others fall somewhere in between. Some proposals would move quickly toward virtually universal coverage while others would progress more gradually toward that goal.

    • The cost and coverage estimates cover the reduction in the number of uninsured people, the net cost to the federal government, the increase in national health expenditures and the financial impact on major stakeholders, including providers, employers, consumers and state and local governments.