A Nation at Risk, Statistical Sourcebook, Presents Facts About Obesity

    • November 1, 2006

In 2005, the American Heart Association and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) created A Nation at Risk: Obesity in the United States, a statistical sourcebook of facts about obesity.

Key Facts

  • About 16 percent of all children and teens in the United States are overweight, and 65 percent of all people age 20 and older are overweight or obese. The prevalence is unequally distributed among racial, ethnic and socioeconomic groups.

  • Overweight and obesity substantially increase the cost of medical expenditures for individuals, their employers and the government.

  • Too much of the wrong foods and lack of physical activity are the causes of obesity. Over the years, portion sizes have grown, and most Americans have increased their caloric consumption and been less physically active.