Urban Land Institute Publishes Book Outlining Benefits of Walkable Communities

    • September 1, 2006

Staff of the Urban Land Institute gathered information to further the development of a business case for creating high-density, mixed use (residential and business), walkable places.

The institute is a nonprofit research and education organization that provides leadership in the responsible use of land and in creating and sustaining thriving communities worldwide.

Key Results

  • In April 2003, staff convened a forum in the District of Columbia of 26 experts and practitioners from the real estate, finance and land development fields to define such places, clarify the issues involved in implementing a business model for their development and identify successful examples of such development.

  • Staff from the Urban Land Institute wrote a book about successful mixed-use, walkable developments, based on a literature review and the forum's perspectives. The book, entitled "Creating Walkable Places: Compact, Mixed-Use Solutions," is available online for $84.95.