Kids 'R' Us? Researchers Call for Special Protocols for Pediatric EMS

From 1997 to 2001, staff from the Emergency Medical Services for Children National Resource Center, which is housed in Children's National Medical Center, developed a series of white papers on critical issues regarding emergency medical services for children that have surfaced under managed care.

Key Results

  • The National Resource Center developed 10 white papers in topic areas such as:
    • 24-Hour Access to Emergency Care
    • Quality and Accountability
    • Reimbursement Issues
    • Injury Prevention

Key Recommendations

  • Encourage the development, dissemination and evaluation of nationally recognized pediatric emergency care guidelines.
  • Encourage the development of nationally recognized performance measures (process, structure and outcome).
  • Coordinate care with the online "medical home" containing patient information essential for the primary care provider responsible for coordinating care and all other providers rendering care.
  • Ensure reimbursement for emergency medical services for children.
  • Explore issues around the definition of medical necessity.