Harbor-UCLA Medical Center

Pediatric Emergency Preparedness Toolkit

The purpose of the pediatric emergency preparedness toolkit is to ensure that hospitals across the country are 100 percent compliant with national guidelines created to improve the quality of care children receive in Emergency Departments (EDs). The toolkit provides guidelines and actionable strategies to help hospitals move toward implementation, including:

  • Guidelines for preparedness to care for children in the emergency department.
  • Sample policies for the care of children in the emergency department.
  • Clinical care guidelines ranging from triage methods to protocols for suspected sexual abuse.
  • Referenced journal articles highlighting the clinical evidence behind the suggested policies.
  • Pediatric resuscitation guidelines and an emergency medication calculator.
  • Checklists for EDs to evaluate their preparedness to treat pediatric patients.
  • Policy statements on various topics and cases including consent for medical services, death of a child in the ED, equipment for ambulances and treatment for children with special needs.

“People call me all the time and ask, ‘What do I need?’” said Marianne Gausche-Hill, M.D., a pediatric emergency medicine specialist at the Harbor-UCLA Medical Center and one of the creators of the implementation toolkit. “It’s nice to have a template to work from. It saves time and energy.”