Celebrities Talk Up Health Insurance Coverage to Low-Income Families in 2005

As part of its 2005 Covering Kids and Families and Cover the Uninsured Week campaigns, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) supported Nightingale Entertainment to engage the entertainment community in outreach activities to inform low-income families that they may be eligible for low-cost health insurance coverage.

Nightingale's messages to members of the entertainment community aimed to heighten their awareness of the problem of Americans lacking health insurance coverage.

Key Results

  • "ER" actor Noah Wyle filmed a video news release on behalf of the 2005 Cover the Uninsured campaign.

  • Gospel duo Mary Mary and hip hop artist Benny Cassette performed and "Law & Order" actor Dan Florek spoke at 2005 Covering Kids and Families campaign events.

  • Univision sent a Spanish-language Covering Kids public service announcement featuring journalist Barbara Bermudo to all of its TV affiliates for airing in August and September of 2005.