Oregon Makes Plans for But Does Not Implement Lifetime Protection in Its Long-Term Care Insurance Program for the Elderly

    • May 29, 2006

The state of Oregon conducted planning for a private-public partnership for long-term care insurance.

The planning included a marketing and utilization survey of state public employees and retirees (the group targeted for a possible demonstration program), studies using Medicaid data on nursing home and home and community-based care, and development of criteria by which the state could judge case management systems.

The project was part of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation's (RWJF) national Program to Promote Long-Term Care Insurance for the Elderly.

Key Findings

  • Of all of the states involved in the planning phase, only Oregon was considering direct premium subsidies for the general population.

  • However, as Oregon's plan evolved, it was clear that it would not automatically provide Medicaid or state coverage when the private insurance expired.

  • The grantee institution did not pursue further RWJF support for program implementation.