Baltimore Art Show Increases Visitors' Understanding of Addiction and Recovery

    • April 20, 2006

The American Visionary Arts Museum in Baltimore hosted an art exhibit, "High on Life: Transcending Addiction," from October 5, 2002, through August 31, 2003. The exhibit focused on substance abuse, addiction and recovery. The museum also distributed the exhibit on CD-ROM.

Key Results

  • More than 63,000 people visited the "High on Life" exhibition.

  • Project staff produced a CD-ROM or virtual catalog for "High on Life" that contained all of the text, art and artists' biographies from the exhibit and disseminated it to treatment providers, researchers, educators and opinion leaders interested in addiction.

  • The museum's magazine, Visions, won first prize in the American Association of Museums' competition for museum publications in 2003, for its coverage of all of the text and much of the art from the "High on Life" exhibit.