Michigan Implements Family Support Services Program and Improves Assistance to Families

Michigan's Department of Community Health began working on its family support agenda for the state—strengthening individual and family functioning by empowering families to manage life's events effectively—in the early 1990s.

By 1998, the department had created a protocol for family assessment and a prototype format for family services planning that it wanted to pilot test.

From May 1999 through October 2003, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) funded the Department of Community Health to develop local-state partnerships aimed at increasing family-centered practice in six counties serving as pilot sites.

The project was part of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) Family Support Services national program.

Key Results

  • The Michigan Department of Community Health provided technical assistance to the pilot sites in six counties through parent/professional coaching teams and technical assistance meetings.
  • Staff at each pilot site established a community team which assessed family-centered practice in its county and developed a plan to implement family centered practice.
  • The pilot sites participated in evaluation of the overall pilot project.