A Capitol Endeavor: Low-Income Washingtonians Get One-Stop Clinic

Providence Hospital, the oldest continuously operating hospital in Washington, D.C., opened a primary health care facility in 1998.

The Perry Family Health Center, located in a poor, crime-ridden area just north of the U.S. Capitol building, offers residents a bright, welcoming alternative to a nearby city-owned neighborhood clinic that has long been the subject of complaints.

The staff of the Perry facility links patients with social and educational services offered by other agencies located in the same building, an old school converted into a multipurpose community center.

The project was part of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) Local Funding Partnerships national program.

Key Results

  • The health center's caseload has grown steadily, reaching 5,170 as of December 2003.

  • The overall Perry building also has experienced increasing utilization—from an average of 2,500 visits a month in 2001 to more than 4,000 a month in 2003.