Project Reaches Out to At-Risk Families, Teens, in Rural Washington State

Parent Trust for Washington Children established a Rural Family Group Support Network to expand its presence beyond urban settings, and into Washington's rural counties to reduce families' social isolation that can lead to child abuse and neglect.

From 2001 to 2004, project staff assessed the communities in which they planned to work to identify service gaps and to find partners who would refer clients to the new programs being developed.

The grantee adapted its support group model to fit the needs of these rural communities where isolation is often compounded by transportation problems.

Referrals ultimately came from Child Protective Services, public health nurses, school counselors, childbirth education agencies and others.

Key Results

  • Parent Trust tailored the family group support model it uses in urban areas to the special needs of rural areas and small towns in four counties in eastern Washington. During the grant period, it developed and ran three programs under the Rural Family Group Support Network.
  • Parent Trust established a local office with two full-time coordinators in eastern Washington to develop and maintain community contacts and to raise funds.