PACE (Programs for All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly) Expands Programs for Low-Income Elderly

Expanding the number of PACE providers and participants

Staff from the National PACE Association conducted the PACE Expansion Initiative to promote, support and expedite the development of PACE—Programs of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly. PACE is a model for delivering capitated social and medical services to low-income, vulnerable elders in a community setting.

Key Results

  • PACE programs increased in number from 33 at the beginning of the project to 40 at the end.
  • PACE staff developed the Prospective Site Tracking Database to monitor the interest of potential PACE providers (also called PACE sponsors).
  • PACE staff produced a brochure titled, New PACE Providers: The Path from Interest to Start-up.
  • Project staff developed The Core Resource Set for PACE. A 10-volume technical assistance guide, The Core Resource Set.
  • Project staff created three membership categories to the National PACE Association, each representing a "step" in the PACE development process.
  • Project staff increased membership to the National PACE Association. The number of fee-paying members increased from 43 in 2001 to 60 in 2004.