Expanded Mental Health Center in D.C. Neighborhood Coordinates Family Services

    • June 15, 2005

Between May 1994 and June 2003, staff at the Washington-based Center for Mental Health conducted a two-phase project to:

  • Expand their outpatient services in the low-income Anacostia neighborhood.
  • Develop a system for coordinating, tracking and monitoring mental health and social services provided to children and families.

The original objective of the second phase had been to develop a capitated managed care model for high-risk children. However, local political and financial conditions created insurmountable barriers for that phase of the project.

After consulting with RWJF, project staff redesigned the project to focus on developing the coordinating, tracking and monitoring system.

Key Results

  • Staff expanded outpatient services for children from birth through 12 years old who, although still high risk, do not require the intensive services provided to children with severe emotional impairments.

  • Staff developed a mechanism to coordinate, track and monitor the services that the center, as well as other entities, provided its clients.