Web-Based Clearinghouse Helps Public Health Professionals Find Continuing Ed Classes

    • May 24, 2005

From 2003 to June 2004, staff at the Public Health Foundation, Washington, created a nationwide Web-based clearinghouse where public health professionals can find continuing education opportunities.

A well-prepared public health workforce can help protect communities from bioterrorism, infectious diseases and other emerging health threats. Unfortunately, as many as 80 percent of employees in state or local health departments have no formal education in public health.

Key Results

  • Project staff created TrainingFinder Real-Time Affiliate Integrated Network (TRAIN, a website that lists courses nationwide that public health professionals can take to enhance their training).

    • The courses focus on continuing education and include traditional classroom and distance learning opportunities sponsored by federal, national (nongovernmental), state and local agencies, nonprofit organizations and companies.
  • As of January 2005, TRAIN had 40,000 registered users, and received more than 300,000 hits per month. TRAIN listed over 700 courses through 180 course providers.