New Retail Site in South Central Los Angeles Markets Itself as Host of Alcohol-Free Family Events

Staff at the Esperanza Community Housing Corporation developed a marketing plan to raise awareness within South Central Los Angeles of the Mercado La Paloma as a venue for alcohol-free celebrations.

The Mercado is a retail marketplace that opened in 2001 as part of a revitalization effort in South Central Los Angeles.

Key Results

  • Completed a marketing plan for the Mercado La Paloma based on the findings from research, surveys and focus groups with current customers and other community members.

  • The marketing plan seeks to capitalize on the Mercado's physical space and location by incorporating special events into its marketing efforts.

    Recommended marketing activities include:

    • Advertising in local newspapers.
    • Drafting and distributing fliers—in English and Spanish—to targeted customers, including college students, tourists and community residents.
    • Enhancing the Mercado website.
    • Providing financial incentives to target customers, including coupons and bus ticket refunds.
    • Providing marketing training to Mercado vendors.