AMA Primer Helps Primary Care Physicians Address Obesity with Their Patients

In 2003, the American Medical Association (AMA) produced a 10-booklet primer that offers practical recommendations to physicians for addressing adult obesity in the primary care setting.

The primer is the third volume in a physician education series, Roadmaps for Clinical Practice: Case Studies in Disease Prevention and Health Promotion, which is a collaboration between the AMA and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

Key Results

  • The AMA's Medicine and Public Health Unit published the 10-booklet primer, Case Studies in Disease Prevention and Health Promotion: Assessment and Management of Adult Obesity: A Primer for Physicians, in December 2003, complete with patient assessments and other clinical tools, laminated charts and patient handouts.

  • The AMA offered the primer in print or on CD-ROM, and made it available for download from the AMA website free of charge.