Nurses Can Help Children in the Family Court System

From 2001 to 2003, Mary R. Haack, PhD, explored the role of nursing in the family court system in Newark, N.J., and the juvenile court system in Baltimore.

The project focused on the role of nursing in assessing the developmental, mental and reproductive health needs as well as case management needs of families involved in these court systems.

Haack began the project while an associate professor at the Rutgers College of Nursing and continued her research after moving to the University of Maryland-Baltimore.

Key Results

  • Rutgers nursing faculty and judges and court personnel:

    • Trained approximately 550 court personnel, nursing and law school students and faculty, and others on family health needs
    • Selected a parent training program for use in Newark
    • Planned a new course for nurses on the court system and the role of nurses
    • Developed a plan for a computerized case management system for parents and children involved in the child welfare and court system.