Children's Health and Children's Schools

School-based health care represents one of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation's (RWJF) most sustained, if lesser-known, commitments.

The Foundation's interest in advancing school-based health care dates back to 1972, when the newly established national philanthropy made grants to several school-based health programs. Since that time, the Foundation's commitment has continued to expand and has supported such programs as the George Washington University's Center for Health and Health Care in Schools, School-Based Adolescent Health Care Program and Making the Grade.

This publication includes highlights from articles and reports that RWJF felt were important and influential to the field of school-based health.

The theory behind school-based health care is simple: take services to where the kids are. However, putting theory into practice is somewhat trickier. It raises issues, including the role of schools, parents' control of their children's education, what services to offer and how and where to provide them, the scope of nursing and medical practice, and paying for school-based care.

The editors have organized this material in a clear and logical manner that will be useful to both professionals in the field and the wider public.