Boston PBS Affiliate Produces "Failure to Protect" - Frontline Documentaries about the U.S. Child Welfare System

    • December 15, 2004

In January and February 2003, WGBH Educational Foundation, a PBS affiliate in Boston that produces the PBS series Frontline, aired a three-part Frontline series called "Failure to Protect," which addresses problems with the child welfare system in America.

Key Results

  • Aired three one-hour broadcasts that were distinct Frontline episodes. The series aired on 300 public television stations and reached an audience of 6.25 million viewers:

    • "Failure to Protect: The Taking of Logan Marr."
    • "Failure to Protect: The Caseworker Files."
    • "Failure to Protect: A National Dialogue."
  • Project staff developed a companion website, which expanded on the issues and themes explored in the broadcasts.