Coalition Revives Effort to Get People Walking into a Healthier Future

The Pedestrian and Bicycle Information Center—a clearinghouse for information about health and safety, engineering, advocacy, education, enforcement, access and mobility—conducted a national effort to promote the benefits of walking and walkable communities, and to revitalize the Partnership for a Walkable America.

The Partnership for a Walkable America is an alliance of public and private organizations committed to promoting the changes needed to make America more walkable.

Key Results

  • Mark Fenton, former editor-at-large of Walking Magazine, increased community awareness of walkable communities and active living through presentations at 21 national conferences, six regional conferences and five RWJF-facilitated strategic planning gatherings attended by some 3,400 than professionals and advocates.

  • The Pedestrian and Bicycle Information Center and the Partnership for a Walkable America worked with the President's Task Force on Environmental Health Risks and Safety Risk to Children to promote the 2003 Walk to School Day and physical activity. All 50 states participated in Walk to School Day, with more than 1,100 schools registered at the national website. Walk To School Day received media coverage in at least 167 newspapers in 34 states and 84 online articles.

  • Project staff created the Partnership for a Walkable America website with links to numerous partner sites, including the walkability checklist and Walk to School Day site.