"Creating Healthy Communities" Section for New Jersey's Smart Growth Gateway Website

New Jersey Future, a nonprofit, nonpartisan research and advocacy organization, developed a special "Creating Healthy Communities" section on its Smart Growth Gateway website (no longer in existence) in April 2003.

The website was designed to outline and promote the principles of "smart growth" for cities and municipalities throughout the state of New Jersey.

New Jersey Future collaborated with several other organizations, including Rutgers University Department of Landscape Architecture and the Greater Mercer Transportation Management Association, in creating text and other content for the section.

Key Results

The "Creating Healthy Communities" section of the website (no longer in existence) included:

  • An overview of the obesity epidemic, the health benefits of physical activity and the connection between physical activity and community design.

  • Smart growth strategies for improving public health, including improving mobility in New Jersey by calming traffic, improving walkability and increasing use of bicycles.

  • A primer on smart growth community design principles, information on financing smart grown projects, public health facts and figures, information on where to get planning expertise and links to other sites with more information.