Spanish-Speaking Women Targeted in Agency Expansion

    • October 12, 2004

Women Helping Women, a non-profit agency providing low-cost support and therapy services to women in central New Jersey, expanded its program to offer additional services and to reach a larger, more ethnically diverse population.

The Rutgers Mental Health Center and National Council of Jewish Women founded Women Helping Women in 1975 to support women in central New Jersey dealing with divorce, physical abuse and other life issues.

Services—all on a slide fee scale—include peer-facilitated support groups as well as professionally conducted individual and group therapy sessions.

During the 12-month RWJF grant period, the organization:

  • Hired two part-time bilingual therapists and a part-time bilingual receptionist/Help Line counselor to assist Spanish-speaking clients.
  • Increased its number of peer-support groups from 16 to 26.
  • Offered three additional therapy groups.
  • Held four leadership training sessions for facilitators.
  • Provided 67 hours of scholarship therapy for disadvantaged clients.

Key Results

As a result of the expansion:

  • The organization provided 732 additional therapy hours, served 42 additional women and trained 39 facilitators during the grant period.

  • Sixteen Hispanic women received therapy as a result of the program's increased visibility, the organization reported.