Putting Health Care Quality on the Web - And Spinning Innovation Globally

    • October 22, 2004

From 2002 to 2003, staff at the Institute for Healthcare Improvement developed, tested and launched www.QualityHealthCare.org—now www.IHI.org—a website aimed at spreading clinical and operational improvement ideas and techniques and creating a global community among organizations striving to improve quality.

Key Results

  • Launched on February 28, 2003, www.IHI.org/ihi consists of three key components:

    • Topics—Improvement Methods, Office Practice, Chronic Conditions and Patient Safety.
    • Community, which allows users to search for and communicate with experts, potential collaborators and people with similar interests.
    • Workspace, where users can apply dynamic tools to help keep track of their improvement work.
  • As of April 2004, the website had received over 153,400 total visits, and approximately 16,600 users had registered with the site.