Launch of End of Life/Palliative Education Resource Center Creates Online National Clearinghouse of Information

    • October 9, 2004

From September 1999 through December 2003, project staff at the Medical College of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, developed, launched and expanded a website called the End of Life / Palliative Education Resource Center.

The project was part of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation's (RWJF) national program Targeted End-of-Life Projects Initiative.

Key Results

  • In April 2000, the project launched the End of Life / Palliative Education Resource Center, a free, searchable clearinghouse of online education materials on end-of-life care. The Web site provides users with peer-reviewed educational materials, recommended books and articles, training opportunities, funding sources, conferences and links to other resources on the World Wide Web.

    • More than 262 abstracts describe the educational materials available on the site, including syllabi, evaluation tools, videos, case studies and PowerPoint presentations.
    • The site also contains a number of tools specifically for educators:
      • One-page summaries to use as teaching tools.
      • Brief overviews of educational concepts and strategies.
      • Sample exam questions.
      • Standardized patient cases.
    • A weekly electronic newsletter announces new materials on the website, answers questions previously submitted and communicates the latest news on end-of-life care.
  • By mid-2004, the website had 12,000 registered users from 104 countries and was getting more than 300,000 hits per month.