California Consortium Identifies and Prepares for State's Nursing Needs

From 1996 to 2002, a consortium of California health care leaders collected and analyzed state nursing workforce data and promoted initiatives to strengthen the state's nursing education system and nursing corps.

This effort was part of Colleagues in Caring: Regional Collaboratives for Nursing Workforce Development—a Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) national program initiated in 1994 to address nursing education and workforce issues at the regional level.

Key Results

  • Under the grant, project staff reported the following accomplishments to RWJF and in various publications:

    • The consortium established an ongoing nursing workforce database and forecasting process that continues to provide information to health care planners and government policymakers.
    • Data generated and disseminated by the consortium identified the dimensions of California's nursing shortage and possible solutions.
    • The consortium's projections of an oncoming nursing shortage and its recommendations for action provided support for public policy decisions to strengthen California's nursing education system.
    • The project advanced efforts to enhance nurses' educational mobility and to implement a competency-based differentiated plan linking pay to skill and education.