Assessment Tool Helps Coordinators of NYC Community-Based Managed Care Services

    • October 26, 2004

Researchers from the United Hospital Fund of New York and its Chronic Care Quality Consortium developed and tested new tools to manage clinical information about older adults and disabled people in New York City.

The consortium consists of four managed care service agencies. The project ran from March 1999 through October 2002.

Key Results

  • Project staff tested the consortium's clinical customized assessment data set and 30 care assessment protocols.

  • Project staff created, implemented and tested the Consumer Care Questionnaire, designed to help engage clients and their families as partners in care planning and service delivery.

Key Findings

The project director reported the following findings to RWJF:

  • Care Management—the extent to which care planners indicated the project activities and care planning tools gave them more skills, confidence and job satisfaction.

  • Continuity—the extent to which the participating organizations continued using the Chronic Care Quality Consortium's clinical assessment tools beyond the demonstration period.

  • Adaptability—the ability of each participating agency to tailor the core tools to meet its special needs.

  • Strategic Planning—the extent to which program planners and administrators indicated that project activities and management reports helped them make strategic decisions about how to shape their service delivery network.