Support by State Gives Momentum to Florida Coming Home Assisted-Living Project

Florida developed a model of affordable assisted living—Helen Piloneo Assisted Living—a 110-unit, 100 percent affordable assisted-living project in Pinellas Park.

The Florida Department of Elder Affairs partnered with the Florida Housing Finance Corp. and the Agency for Healthcare Administration on the project. The Pinellas County Housing Authority served as the demonstration sponsor.

The Pinellas County Housing Authority contracted with MIA Management Consultants to provide the services. (Information in this case study was abstracted from an article by Jenkens, Carder, Maher in Journal of Housing for the Elderly.)

The project was part of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) national program Coming Home: Affordable Assisted Living.

Key Results

  • Coordination and conflicts between state programs were greatly reduced through formal and informal relationship building by Florida Coming Home project staff.

  • The Florida Housing Finance Corp. tested a lending program for assisted living through a one-time loan program.

  • These program accomplishments have encouraged mission-driven nonprofit organizations, those willing to work with the existing reimbursement, to undertake development projects to expand the availability of affordable assisted-living resources in Florida.