Coming Home: Vermont Project Develops First Affordable Assisted-Living Facility

Vermont developed a model of affordable assisted living—Cathedral Square Senior Living in Burlington, Vt.—that has 80 units of independent living and 28 units of assisted living.

The Vermont Department of Aging & Disabilities, the Vermont Department of Social Welfare and the Vermont Housing Finance Authority partnered on the project starting in January 2001.

Cathedral Square Corp. owns the building and provides the direct care services.

The project was part of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) national program Coming Home®: Affordable Assisted Living.

Key Results

  • The grantee, the Vermont Department of Aging & Disabilities, partnered with Cathedral Square and several other state agencies to form an assisted living roundtable.

  • Project staff worked with the state to craft a regulatory and Medicaid program that supported the development of high quality, affordable housing programs.