Parents Overwhelmingly Support In-School Health Programs

To identify parents' attitudes about the availability of school-based health care and what services it should provide, the Center for Health and Health Care in Schools conducted a national survey of 1,101 parents of school-aged children. George Washington University in Washington runs the center, a non-partisan policy and program resource center that was established in 2001 by RWJF with grant ID# 039581.

Key Findings

  • Parents strongly supported in-school health care. More than eight in 10 parents polled (83%), regardless of political affiliation, supported such care.

  • Almost nine in 10 parents polled (88%) agreed that "teaching kids how to keep themselves healthy is as important as teaching them about reading, writing and math."

  • Parents felt school-based care could meet many needs.

  • More than 80 percent of the parents surveyed believed that school-based health care may be the only source of care for children who are uninsured.

    The findings were also communicated in video news stories through RWJF's support of Burness Communications (ID# 046203) for the production and distribution of television news stories on Foundation-funded projects.