Museums and Science Centers Open Their Doors to Health-Related Promotions

    • July 26, 2004

From 2001 to 2003, staff from the National Health Museum, Washington, established the National Public Health Partnership to forge linkages between the public health community and the community of museums and science centers with the goal of expanding the reach of the nation's health promotion and disease prevention efforts.

Key Results

  • Project staff at the National Health Museum established the National Public Health Partnership, comprised of 28 organizations from the public health community and the community of museums and science centers.

  • The Public Health Partnership held its inaugural meeting on November 11, 2002, in conjunction with the annual conference of the American Public Health Association in Philadelphia. Many national leaders of the two communities had an opportunity to meet for the first time.

  • Project staff conducted one-on-one interviews with all National Public Health Partnership Steering Committee members, and held a small working group meeting with select members to solicit feedback from representatives of both communities in order to move from the planning to operational mode of the partnership.

  • A number of joint efforts got underway during the grant period, including a public health student internship at Boston's Museum of Science and consultation by health professionals at several museums and science centers.