Tennis, Everyone? Initiative Serves Inner-City Youth

The Washington Tennis & Education Foundation expanded its programming to introduce at-risk inner city children to health-promoting behaviors such as good nutrition, physical conditioning and avoidance of drugs and alcohol.

The Washington Tennis & Education Foundation (WTEF) is a non-profit institution in Washington that works to improve the life prospects of inner-city children through tennis, education and life skills programs.

Key Results

Under the grant, WTEF accomplished the following:

  • Formed a partnership with the D.C. Asthma Coalition that led to workshops for 100 children and parents on asthma and how to treat it.

  • Provided seminars on health issues such as nutrition, physical conditioning, sports medicine and podiatry.

  • Provided healthier snacks to emphasize healthy eating habits.

  • Helped school weave health lessons into a "Values Skits" annual competition. Topics included saying "no" to drugs and alcohol and eating a balanced diet.

  • Brought in the United States Tennis Association to give a training and physical fitness workshop for WTEF coaches and advanced players.