Society for Sight Works to Prevent Blindness in Baltimore's Homeless People

The Maryland Society for Sight provided follow-up eye care and treatment for people who were homeless, indigent and uninsured and who had been originally identified through the organization's vision screening programs.

The society is a non-profit organization that works to prevent blindness and preserve sight for Marylanders.

Key Results

  • The organization identified 57 individuals who needed follow-up eye care after their initial screening, but who were unable to afford the care.

  • Patients with limited resources or public insurance coverage were referred to physicians with whom the project negotiated a reduced rate for care. For those ineligible for medical coverage and without resources, the project used grant funds to pay for care at a reduced rate.

  • The most common types of care provided to patients were eye examinations and eyeglasses, cataract surgery and glaucoma exams.

  • As of January 2003, none of the 57 patients treated had lost their sight, according to the project director.

The organization continues to provide vision screening through its Adult Vision Screening Program and Eye Care for the Homeless Program. Additional information can be accessed on the Maryland Society for Sight website.