Report Proposes Restructuring of Health Care Delivery and Financing in Oregon to Ensure Fair, Universal Access

In 2003, the Oregon Health Assessment Project issued a report, entitled A Vision for Change, proposing fundamental changes to financing and delivery of health care in Oregon.

Key Recommendations

The 2003 report, A Vision for Change, included four basic recommendations:

  • All Oregon residents would be asked to have an individual "health management fund" as a central depository of moneys from public, private and personal sources.

  • The current health care delivery and financing system should be reorganized into three discrete segments:

    • A government-run "civic segment" providing a "basic" standard of health care.
    • A "coordinated care" segment similar to existing managed-care systems.
    • A "self-directed" segment, featuring high deductible, catastrophic insurance plans with financial incentives to manage one's own health risks.
  • Health insurance would be reoriented so that premiums would be age and regionally adjusted and derived from community risk pools; coverage would be guaranteed.

  • Universal access to basic health care services should be ensured with the creation of a funding mechanism designed to generate the necessary moneys and distribute the burden widely and fairly among all community constituencies.